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Oh Crop! is our Blog page. This is where we put humorous bloopers and sometimes touching stories with some of the photos here on Capturing Light. Check back often!

Some days can be difficult. You start picking up after a massive photoshoot involving 5 kids, so you've got wings, costumes, shatterproof ornaments, bubbles, the remains of fog and stuffed animals everywhere. As you slump down to rest, dejected at the disaster ahead of you, your cat comes and plunks down on top of the pile, not too far from the cherry brandy you used for the parents' prop... and then life is good all over again.

Heroes are the ones who let life in again every morning and love it all over again. 


Technology eludes me on occasion. I can manipulate a camera to make it nighttime in the middle of the day. I know how to properly shoot fireworks. And cats (okay, cats are the hardest!). This was me getting set up to do a short video on a dog I was training at the Humane Society. Instead of aiming at the dog, I ended up with a delightful photo of my crumpled up face and squinty eyes. And the whole time, the dog was just sitting there patiently, waiting for whatever it was I was going to do. I felt so judged.  :/

Now this, THIS, is perfect blackmail.
Or the ideal graduation photo.
Either way, a first place winner. No joke.
(By the way, he would like you to know they are "M's", not "M&Ms" - there is only one M on each candy)


"Oh Crop!" Fan Art from our friend,
Wilson Trent! Check him out
on his website by clicking HERE! We think
it's hilarious! He also designed the goat
animation you see on each page, and, well,
this website, with his company WebWorkings!

Sometimes dresses get dirty. Sometimes they get muddy. Sometimes they get grass stains. Sometimes they just get sweaty. I hand wash each of my dresses each time it is worn, so I'm getting to be a pro, but wedding dresses - not going to lie - I turn them inside out and put them in the washing machine on delicate. Yup, seriously. Then I spread them out so they can dry without wrinkles. And then THIS happened. Thanks for your help, ELBA.


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